MSI B350 Tomahawk and R7 1700 not posting - CPU debug LED on

My B350’s always taken a while to start up, however after my PC went into sleep mode after being alone I was unable to wake it. I restarted the PC and it wouldn’t post. It turns on and all fans spin, but the troubleshooting LED remains on and the PC never posts.

I have since :

  • Flushed the power
  • Disconnected and reconnected the PSU
  • Unplugged everything from the PC
  • Plugged a keyboard back in, and a monitor.
  • Re-seated the CPU
  • Re-seated the RAM
  • Re-seated my GPU
  • Re-seated CMOS battery
  • Shorted the CMOS pins
  • Disconnected all of my fans and rebooted

I have absolutely no money and work to do so I’m a little panicked here. Does anybody have any suggestions or extra troubleshooting steps to take?



Sorry, forgot system spec:
R7 [email protected] 3.6GHz (NHD-15)
MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic
GIGABYTE Windforce GTX 1080
16GB of RAM @2133
8TBs of HDD
XFX 550w Bronze 80+ PSU

MSI B350 Tomahawk or B350 Mortar?

CPU debug light is on or different debug light?

Sorry B350 Tomahawk - dk why I got confused there.

CPU debug light

maybe the bios-chip went bad. is it removable?
You could / should, try a bios Flash if possible.

If the chip went fully bad, the board should behave the same without the chip.
It is unlikely, but it happened on two of my rather old Rampage iv Formulas, so yea.

Did you check your EPS power connectors (if modular PSU check both sides can seem in but not 100% seated)

I’m really hoping that’s not what happened, I’ll check it out :grimacing:

Just re-seated the EPS :grimacing::grimacing: no help, it’s in.

"found out that i just had to leave one stick of RAM on the A2/B2 slot, and after that the PC turned On. "

Good find, I tried it and it did nothing though :confused: .

I’ve also tried unplugging all SATA connectors from the mobo, no luck there.

I think I might be just a little screwed :grimacing:

Contact MSI and RMA it / see what they have to say. If you have a different PSU give that a shot.


I think this is my next course of action. I’m currently deadass just rebuilding the PC on cardboard and if I seriously 100% cannot get it to post I’m just gonna have to be without for a while :confused:

Got a funky laptop setup going on now though. That’s exciting.


Best of luck with your main rig. Funky laptop setup sounds like something that would make me hang myself with a patch cable…


Could be worse but… not very :grimacing:

Very glad I invested in a not 8-year-old laptop a few months back.


Not as bad as I expected, would still commit sudoku.

As others said, try one RAM stick, try all the slots, try the other RAM stick.

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It’s a CHUWI Lapbook, it’s a lovely little machine for getting basic work done on the go and watching shows. It’s really not cut out for the work I want it to do, but it could definitely be worse. This is home base for the time being

Also yeah :slight_smile: in the process of doing so. Tried earlier with no luck but it can’t hurt…

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