MSI B350 gaming Chipset

I figured out that this board when you try to use PCIx 2.0 Graphics cards it runs em at x4 and with an M.2 card installed it wont boot lol

Because it uses the chipset lanes :confused:

Yes, that is why I went with the low-tier X370 at less cost.

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But my PCIx 1.0 128 meg card works great lol @ 16x too

I don't have this problem, running a gtx 1080 and a b350 asus prime and a samsung evo 960 m.2.

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Well if you plan to use 2 gpu´s, its highly recommended to go with a X370 board anyways.
But yeah i personally dont like any of the B350 boards currentlly out there.
Because build quality wise they are all kinda meh.
For R5 cpu´s some B350 boards are okayish for the 6 cores and some overclocking.
But with R7 cpu´s, i personally dont see any vallid reason why you would limmited yourself,
to the B350 platform as it is now.

Cheaping out on the motherboard with an R7 cpu is not really the best idea imo.


That is PCI E x3

i am limited because i am POOR and Cheap lol