MSI A88XM Gaming

Whats the deal with the crossfire setup on this board. This doesnt make sense.

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Do you see the problem^^^


The lack of a crossfire bridge?

I can't answer better unless I know what the issue is.

The second card hangs over the bottom of the board. How do they thing your going to plug your USB3/2 etc in. And even if you could it does not line up in the case. 

For fitting, it depends on the case. I know the Corsair 350D and the BitFenix Prodigy M both have 5 slots.

For USB and audio, that is a pretty bad location for Crossfire/SLI. At the same time though the end-user should check those things beforehand to make sure everything fits.

the case is not a big deal but they should state on the product description that it only works with a 5 slot case. And on there website they have pictures of the board with 2 gpus and all the connections are clearly visible.  

The GPUs in the pictures you are referring to are Photoshoped in. Its also a MATX board so be thankful it even has crossfire.

i realize its photoshoped but still there is no way you can possibly make this work.

looks like pretty standard spacing to me, as long as your case has enough expansion slots, most ATX cases have 7, this only takes up 5. As for plugging stuff in, first plug everything in inside the case and then install the cards. I will be tight and you cant use the quick connect but it should work. 

I gave it a shot last night and the first gpu is fine just clicks right in but the second gpu no way. The usb 3 plug is way to ridged and it would prolly break something if i forced it. oh well. sending the two r9 270s back and going with one single r9 290. 

Probably a better choice in the long run. The 4 GB of GDDR5 on the R9 290 is much more future-friendly than the 2 GB on the R9 270X.