MSI A68HI AC won't boot [UPDATE, CPU or GPU]

I build my computer finally and got all of my parts, however, the computer is still not booting at all. Nothing is being displayed, the power led lights work and so do the switches, I am trying to figure out if I need to install an updated BIOS or what.

First of all: update a BIOS is something critical in my opinion and I think should be done only in extreme cases.
Parts list? What tests you did? I don't want to start saying redundant things about what to do in this situation.

My parts are as follows:
CPU: AMD Athlon X4 845
Mobo: MSI A68HI AC
RAM: 8 GB Crucial Ballstix DDR3 1600MHz RAM
SSD: Intel 730 240 GB SSD
CPU Cooler: Stock Cooler
PSU: Silverstone SFX 450W PSU
Case: Silverstone ML08-H
GPU: Gigabyte G1 AMD R7 360

If I need to install an updated BIOS, my question is how.

OK, unplug all the cables and plug them again one by one.
Seriously, I have cried over a dead gpu only to notice the power cable was incorrectly plugged...
If there is no defective parts, you should be able to run UEFI no problem.
I used to run an old amd rig with incorrect bios version for years...
Anyways, MSI is the worst AMD brand there could be... Sorry.

Damn, that was good to know after I bought the mobo. The mobo costed more than the CPU itself. Would also explain my thermal problems with the R9 390 being an MSI card, but that's a build that is already all set.

Looks like I am going to have to unbuild and rebuild...again...

Are we sure it's not the BIOS, I may have done something to it while trying to boot it up prior before I installed RAM.

Mentioning the ram, have you seen if the ram is in the memory support list? I had issues before with things like that...

I looked it up, it needs a BIOS update, and for some stupid reason, I need to use an old CPU (like a Trinity) to get the BIOS update on this motherboard to use my X4 845. That's stupid, wish I could just update it simply through USB.

Should have spent $20 more on a new motherboard.

Don't you have the option to send it ad a warranty issue to the seller just for the bios update?

Probably what I should have done if I could, but when I realized I could buy an old CPU to update the BIOS, I found an $18 CPU that's a Trinity CPU, it's a potato grade processor.

A4 4000? Sounds like it...

More like an A4 5400B. A4 4000 is Richland, I went with Trinity.

I have the MSI A68H-e33 (not the V2)
I went with some cheap EVGA 2133 ram (needs 1.65v just to work!)
Saw this wierd thing on the boards web site, don't know if it applies
"- Updated AMD AGESA code.
- Improved memory compatibility.
- Patched S3 resume can not work properly when using Carrizo CPU.
Note Please run this file in windows and then BIOS will be auto updated."
There seems to be a bunch of bios updates...more then normal.

edit: Mine has a really cheap heatsink on the chipset. It did get really hot. Not getting hot may mean a dead board. Hope not. Did the 18 dollar chip work?
If you think MSI boards are bad you should see what there tech support is like or their forums! tech support hell.

It's gonna be another week before I find out if that 18 dollar chip works, my CPU cooler does get warm though. It seems like I need an old CPU just to update the BIOS, but did it just tell me I need to run an update on Windows on the machine I am installing it on?

I would go with the newer bios just above that....however I thought it may point to the prob.
Any chance you have an old dGPU around just to rule out the current dGPU.?

Is this an old MB or brand new? forgot to ask

No, I don't have my old dGPU, but I am pretty sure the dGPU does turn on since the fans spin. Last time I tested it on my main build, it did work, if not, well, I thought about replacing it with a GTX 1050 when it comes out, if not, I may spend a bit more on an RX 470 where I can get it cheap.

I could ask a friend of mine to lend me a GTX 460 or GTX 470 he has lying around.

Main reason was on build I tried everything and the lights came on, the fans spun, even the 380's fans spun, nothing.
Remembered I had an old gt 520 card, tried that with each mem stick. From that I knew it had to be the mb or cpu which almost always means a bad MB cause they have such a high falure rate.
I feel for you cause I know how I felt when I realized I just lost 6 hours of my life cause I bought a bad board.
I really doubt it is the dGPU but it is just one way to narrow the problem.
Hope this helps some, just glad this isn't your main rig, that would suck

I got one :P

I actually have this motherboard. I plopped in my Athlon X4 860k and it worked just fine.

860K is the CPU, that this chipset is basically made for... 50$ mobo with 60-70$ cpu for basic gaming and homework - dream come true. It's quad core at that, so it can handle some load if need be...
The thing is, 845 is slightly next gen updated cpu and it requires a bios update.