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MSI 970A-G46 Ethernet Connection Problems


I recently had my motherboard and power supply break ( month ago ). I replaced both and got a new case and some more fans (recently)as the temperature was very high.  After a week of having Now i have installed my Ethernet port driver and took of the power save mode and its been randomly disconnecting and reconnecting. I don't get any connection unless I , flip PSU switch re-flip and disconnect and reconnect Ethernet. I have tried 2 different Ethernet cables and trying to not buy any extensions and just fix this. Since it happens randomly and reconnects i get kicked from games and cannot even troubleshot and it reconnects to quickly. I don't know weather it could do with the Power Supply or Case, If you notice a issue with my set-up please help.


Windows 7 64-Bit - OS 

MSI 970A-G46 - Motherboard

 FX 6-100 - CPU

 8Gb 1333 MHz - Ram

 MSI R7770 - Graphics card

 RX - 530SS - PSU

Sandisk 64gb - SSD

500gb - HDD



Thank you in Advance ,

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have you tried removing the drivers and letting windows find the driver for it.....just to see if you can get it stable enough to test?


It doesnt try to install anything as its not even detecting 


I also have the same issue and nobody can fix this ugly problem it’s the motherboard they need to fix this by updating the bios it’s not the users it’s the msi company that need to fix it.

Please consider looking at the date and making a new thread before necroing a 8 year old thread