Msi 970a-g43 not posting + funny smell

So I bought a msi 970a-g43.

The problem is that with a fx 8120, a gts 250 and 8gb of kingston ddr3 1600, the system is totally dead.

The cpu is fine because I tried it in a gigabyte ga-880gm-d2h and it posted.

I need help

The power supply is a pc power and cooling 500 watt.


I sense some fried VRMs.

Anyway, it's dead.

This is why I hate msi.

This is why you don't buy MSI MoBos for AMD. Almost all of them are horrible in this matter.

Take out the cpu clean the paste off. Put it back in and re apply the paste. Sometimes chips are finnicky like that and will effect the mobo posting. I know you said it isn't the chip but try that.

Also Im assuming your 24 pin connector is connected (great) but you need to have the 8-pin 12v connector(s) in as well.  Easy to overlook. Without that connected your mobo wont post

Is this a good board

It is. My PC is actually running on this one.

Well I'm going to sell this M&*$(##&$%*(& P.o.s

Thanks for the help!!!!!!

Im running a fx 6300 and that board was my first choice. I went with the asrock970 extreme 3 because it was cheaper.. works great. If you want the m5a97 get the evo version.. it has better power phasing

This is why I keep telling people not to buy MSI for either AMD or Intel.