Msi 970 gaming mobo beeping dives me crZy

I recently got msi 970 gaming motherboard, I have a problem with it. It beeps nonstop when I turn it on. At first I thought it was GPU but I installed the old one I had and the beep persisted. Only other thing that is bit off is that I got a older CPU installed since I haven't the money to buy new one for next five weeks. The sound drives me crazy. I updated the BIOS hoping it would fix tat but it still beeps. Any help?

I know mine has the option to turn beeps off its an asrock x79. Is it beeping for errors or just startup beeps?

I don´t know it just beeps. The sound makes it unbearable. Its a high pitched sound as if a fan was having lubrication problems. I checked all fans, psu, gpu, and even reinstalled drivers for it.

Could it be as simple as me connecting my closed loop cpu cooler to 3-pin connector and leaving cpu connector open?

Yes, that could be it. My Maximus VII hero board threw a fit when I forgot to plug the PWM connector for my h110i to the CPU fan slot. Try switching it to there, it might help.

Cpu fan slot has 4 pins, so no can do.

You can plug a 3-pin connector to the four pin PWM, it will just detect as a DC control only with no PWM features. Which if its just the pump for the AIO it won't be a problem. What cooler are you using?

Connected that 3-pin but that damn beep still continues. Cooler I got is Antec KÜHLER 620.
Maybe the cpu doesn't get enough power? It's a 8pin connector and I concocted two 4-pin labeled cpu.

If everything is working as it is supposed to try turning off chassis intrusion in the bios.

What does that have anything to do with my problem? And isn't that disabled by default?

No its no disabled by default on all mobo's ...if you are not talking about the bios speaker bleeping and you are geting a high pitched squealing from the mobo itself (makeing shure its not fan's/HDD's/PSU or case vibration- removeing the mobo out on to a box can help you to test) you may have fulty VRM's (was a big problem with asus m5a97 amd 970 mobo's on first release)
Then you should RMA the motherboard as being faulty

Do you think if tat would be the case it would be coved in warranty?

If that was or is the case you are covered by warranty but you'd better off sending it back to the store for a exchange RMA's are for older stuff not covered by the store and can take a long time (and can be frustrating)
Pulling the mobo out the case and testing it on top of its box should be your next step to eliminate possibilities of HDD/case/case fan psu vibration

This is really frustrating, I got this mobo less than a weak ago. I´ll test that tomorrow, I got to sleep now. Thanks for all the help.

If I recall correctly, my ASUS M5A97 EVO would beep like crazy, with some prompts, when I tried to boot without a 4-pin fan in the CPU Fan Header. Didn't matter if it was a 3-pin fan, or nothing. Try plugging in a 4-pin fan, if you have an extra, or can borrow one.

Secondly, is there a method to the beeping? If there is a serious error, the motherboard will give "beep codes" and, if you motherboards supports it, a two-digit error code (the 970 Gaming does not have this feature) to help the user discern the problem. Usually, in the provided documentation (that is provided online, and with the motherboard as a physical copy) there is a table that will show you what code corresponds with what error/problem. MSI is a bit of a rascal with that information, but someone was kind enough to provide the information that should be readily available. The MSI 970 Gaming utilizes an AMI BIOS.

If that beep-code list doesn't help you, along with plugging in a proper fan, I would get a hold of MSI's support and see if they can help you. Worse comes to worst, you may have to return/replace the board.

Keep us updated.

According to the manufacturer its a power error.

This is so weard. I took out mobo out and connected only power sitchw, gpu, and power. It dosent beep. I thought welp, maybe I installed it wrong. So installed it back, connected everything and it beep like it use to. So I decided to test it by disconnecting everything non cutial one by one to see if that does anything. I was down to same setup as outside of the case and it was still beeping. Took our it again conected it and it is not beeping. What gives?

I think I'll have to take it in to the store to have it looked at by someone else.

What was the beep code?

Just one long beep? Several beeps? A mix?

Just long two tone irregular beep.

I might have found the reason for it. I looked on the under side of mobo and some of pins from soderd stuff are uncliped. It might have bean the reason for the power error that caused the beep. Since it dosent beep in the antistatic bag outside of the case.

And you have tried plugging in a 4-pin fan to the CPU fan header?