Msi 870-g45 Motherboard failing?

For the last few months I have been having trouble with my computer and I think my motherboard is the issue.  Every time I reboot my computer I have to turn off my psw, unplug my graphics card for about 20 seconds and then plug in my gpu again and boot.  Every time I boot again, it acts like the cmos battery is dead because all of my bios settings get restored to defult, and the clock in windows gets reset to march of 2011; I'm assuming that was the date the motheboard was manufactured.  I know it's not the psu because I tried a different one.  ll the problems started when I installed the cooler master 212 evo (I may have been a bit rough on the mother board).

I am thinking I will have to replace it, but I just want to be sure I replace the correct piece.  I am also wondering if I will need to reinstall windows if I get a different motherboard than the one I am currently using. 

Thanks for reading.

Amd phenom II x6 1055t

msi 870-g45

16gb ddr3 1333 mhz ram

gtx 560

thermaltake tr2 700w psu  (80 plus bronze)

coolermaster 212 evo

Try getting a new bios battery

I tried forgot to say I already tried that

check for blown caps. if there aren't any, new mobo is in order

Do you mean capacitors, and how do I check for that.  will it be obvious to see?

I almost forgot, on my motherboard there is a switch for a 10%, 15%, and 20% overclock and none of them do anything.

you can usually tell bad caps apart. They would either be leaking or blown

There are no noticable bad capacitors.

Then more than likely it could be a corrupt bios chip. Did you try to reset the bios? if that didn't work then you will need a new mobo

I will try that now.

I forgot, I already tried that a while ago.

yeah sounds like a problem with the motherboard, msi´s amd boards aren´t that great at all, so if you look for a new board, then i would recommend to look on a Asus board.

So that a Msi AMD board is failing does not supprise me at all ☺

I second the Asus Board. AsRock has some good boards to

Now that I need a new motherboard, do you have any recomendations.  I have had my eye on a gigabyte 990fx ud3, but I don't know if I will need to reinstall windows.

Msi makes great intel boards, but theire amd boards are crap.

I wouldn't get an Asrock that's below the Extreme6. Asus makes some great stuff, though.

Sorry, Booboo, looks like your motherboard is fried :|

Thanks everyone for helping, I guess I will get an asus or asrock motherboard.

Whats your budget for a new mobo ? The Gigabyte GA-990fxa-ud3 is not that great either.


I wasn't planing on spending more than 120 or 130$

  1. Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0  6+2 powerphase digi high quality vrm´s
  2. Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 same board as the FX pro only not made for mutiple GPU setups, it has only 20 pci-e lanes.instead of 40 on the 99FX pro
  3. Asrock 990FX Extreme 4 8+2 powerphase
  4. Asus M5A97 R2.0 4+2 powerphase and digi vrm