Msi 7950 screen artifacts

I bough a 7950 a month a go and and i think it may be defective or have have problems with the shadders. I am curenty using the amd 13.4 drivers. Sould i send the card back and get a new one or is a problem with driver etc ? 

7950 artifact pics,INcwJwa,ROQAHq3,iTRqETJ#0

Thanks -Yeti


no over clock?

Nope runing a stock speeds acording to msi after burner.


Did you do a clean install of the new drivers, and are you getting this with all games or just Crysis?

(And, if yes, yes, then try dropping your shaders down 10/15% in Afterburner to just rule that in or out)  

Im geting screen artafacts on dead island and metro 2033 and last light as well.

I have done a clean install of the drivers and still have the same problems in the games mentioned.I can not lower the shader clock in msi afterbuner as there is no slider for the shader clock (i am useing the latests afterbuner v2.3.1). What should i do just get a new card or is there any think else i can try ?


First off check to see if your DVI cable is loose on both the monitor and GPU I/O. If that doesn't work try these.

I've noticed that sometimes the factory BIOS settings for a lot of the different PCB manufacturers tend to vary by 3-5% on stock voltages as they program the voltage per batch of cards they produce, not per card. Every GPU is different so some may need more voltage than others to remain stable at stock speeds. Try increasing your base voltage by 0.010v.

That's not the latest afterburner, you want to get v3.0.0 Beta 13 its much better than the standard v2.3.1.

Install 13.8 Beta. Sometimes new beta drivers fix errors from older drivers even if they are only Beta.

I have check the dvi cabe it is conected fine i am using a min desplay port to duel-link dvi then a dvi cable to my monitor so could the active desplay port be bad ?

I then set my core voltage to 1.200v 1.210v and 1.220v (from 1.188v) and the power limit to 5% and still the same problems. A side note when i set the volatge to 1.220v the card can only achive 1.219v and allos for some reson and when i set the voltage to 1.210v it gose to 1.212v is this normal ?

I tryed the 13.5 and the 13.8 beta drivers with the three difrent voltages and no change so i think the card might be defective. 

Display adapter is probably the culprit. Those go bad faster than santa drinking eggnog on christmas eve. Graphics card is the last thing I would look at as the initial cause of screen display errors. Especially if you are using decoder adapters like that Active display to DVI connector.

I have orderd a hdmi to dvi cable and a new mini display port to dvi so i will try the game with the new cable then let you know if the problem is fixed thanks for your help.