MSI 760 overclock

i have a MSI gtx 760 and was wondering how far i could push it within reason of course.

My rig has:

  • AMD 8350 at 4.0ghz
  • 8gb ddr3 1600mhz
  • corsair 750w psu

I have had a go and messed around a tiny bit but not much 

any info would be great :)


Just push them (the sliders) as far as they can go & reduce them until your card becomes stable 

Id say push power target up to 107-109 unlink temp and power and set temp to 85, and try adding another 20-35 mhz, and offset memory another 40 or so mhz , but remember to go up in small amounts of 5 or so and run unigine valley or a bench tool for a couple minutes if it does not crash keep going but i would not advise anything over 1230 on core and 1710 on memory