MSI 390 8G running insanely hot and loud - should I return it?

I bought the MSI R9 390 about 12 days ago from Scan UK and am finding the card to run at an insane temperature at 92C and at about 100% fans while gaming. I have not overclocked past the MSI gaming app's OC mode.
I was playing Witcher 3 for a couple of hours and at first had a sudden reboot which seemed odd giving the error 0x00000124.
I then reloaded the game and a short while later had another crash. This time the system halted. It seems to me that my mobo's over temperature protection kicked in.
So a time later i decide to start her up again and monitor my temps. I run valley and my GPU cranks the fans to top speed and temperatures rise in all components...

My PC specs:

While I'm writing this my pc is still running hot from about half an hour ago.. I know these cards run hot but not that much and especially when I'm not overclocking it...

So, should I return the 390 and go back to Nvidia? Or do you think this is a faulty card and I should get it replaced?

If you can repaste it without voiding the warranty, try that first. Otherwise, return it.

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I would, but I don't know if it is a breach of warranty and also I really shouldn't have to repaste a card I've just bought. Being that I'm still in the 14 day legal period (just) I think a return would be a better idea than tampering with the card and wasting thermal paste.

I remember reading somewhere ages ago that MSI don't mind if you repaste. You could contact their support to check.

Generally, if there isn't a sticker blocking an important screw, you're okay. Just play it on the safe side.

Return it, get another one, and see if it runs okay. For the price range its in, the 390 is the best card out there. I would try to get another one and see how you like it. I think you'll enjoy it when your card isn't bugged.

Perhaps it's a faulty card, but I see you have an ITX rig. On a card with this style of cooler this could impact cooling a great deal. This case should have decent airflow though so I honestly don't know.
It's just something to take into consideration.

I've sent in for a return and requested a replcement, hopefully I dont have these issues again.. If so, I might get a 970 which is similarly priced but with 3.5GB memory instead of 8GB

The 970 is a slower card then the 390. I really like how the 390 stacks up to it. I prefer the 390 in this price range.

that's pretty much how hot they get. try setting a more aggressive fan curve.

That's not close to how hot a 390 gets. They top out around 80c for after market cards. His, being an after market card, isn't going to super heat like the reference cards did.

Yeah I know the reference cards are hot, but as you say being aftermarket with a custom PCB and quality heat sink and fans there has to be an issue with QC somewhere..

It isn't a breach of warranty I spoke with an MSI rep just a month ago about this.

Thanks, good to know if I pull my new one apart later along the line

No problem. Most gpu makers have it in writing that it voids warranty but almost all of them let it slide (such as Sapphire). I know that MSI, XFX, and EVGA all specifically allow for thermal paste applications and/or water blocks however.

Those temps are too high for sure. The 390 shouldn't get that hot. Sure, they get hotter than nVidia cards, but they should NOT get that hot. You should be seeing something in the 70sC and most definitely not with 100% fan speed.

I would make sure that you are getting sufficient ventilation. Is your case pumping out tons of heat? It should be while gaming. Mine acts kind of like a space heater while gaming and I have a 280x, a much less power hungry card. Also, feel the side of your case. It should heat up a good bit while gaming. I imagine that if it is too hot, then the card is getting too hot (as evident by the mobo kicking in safety precautions). Try repasting, if you want, but you could easily send it back. Newegg or MSI might make that easy enough.

Put it back in the box and send it back asap, dont worry about re-pasting etc. Call them up as well, take screenshots of temps etc as well to go along with the card.

It was just the thermal paste, when the thermal paste is dry, and you press on the cooler it looses proper contact with the heatsink.
I have seen it before on large 3rd party coolers before.
Repasting does not void warranty though.

I just had problems with my very slower card getting temp readings of 100c. This happened right out of the blue. Found out the card has loosened itself from the port. I took it out and firmly placed it back in. Now I am back to 60c full load temps.

I've had an email back asking me what games / benchmarks I have had issues in. Hopefully this is just a formality / preset message. I replyed saying I have issues in witcher 3 and that my old card has no issue with it.

I've now boxed up the MSI card and put back my old Asus 760 dcu2. It looked miniature in comparison :D

That is how I felt when I went from a 7850 to a 280x. Anyway, they should help you out and send you a new card since that one is having issues. It is easy to forget with electronics: sometimes, things are DOA. Sometimes, you get a bad unit. It happens. It sucks when it does happen, but it happens.