mSATA SSD to 40 Pin ZIF CE?

Hey guys,

I need advice on your experiences with a particular setup.

I need to put an SSD in a laptop with a 40pin ZIF PATA connector. ZTC has one that is built in but they want a good chunk of change for a 64GB SSD that has HDD speeds.

i found a couple products that seem to work but am curious what your experiences with it are:

ADATA Premier Pro SP310
mSATA PCI-E SSD to 40 Pin ZIF CE Converter card

This combo is supposed to go into an Dell Latitude D420.

People have been doing this for years on the iPod Classics, so I don't see why it would not work in a laptop.

Meh, all of that looks like too much work and adds too many points of failure. What about this?,true&chn=ps&lpid=82,82

I realize that it isn't an SSD, but you're close to paying more than the laptop is worth by investing in SSD mods.

already saw that. That is the exact same drive I pull out of it. What I want to know is if the card I selected is any good.

I would endorse the SSD, but that adapter looks like a failure point in the near future. There are thermal factors to consider .

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