MS Store stopped showing up on W10

So suddenly the W10 Store stopped showing up. Some might say or ask “why do you need it anyways?” but I do have some apps which only are available through the store and not having any way to update them is a big issue for me.
Has anyone experienced something similar? Any tips?

Looks like you have a couple of methods.

Run “wsreset.exe” from the Win + R or Run command.

If that doesn’t work, run this:

You’ll have to change your PowerShell execution policy:

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Be sure to change that back to “Restricted” after you run the .ps1 script.

Worst comes to worst, do the restore option that preserves your data. It happens.

Good luck.

Thanks but any of your options worked. I guess I will need to give it a chance to restore option while preserving my data, thanks anyway!