MS Edge: Window Snapping Issues?

So I use the Edge browser on my Win10 PC because it's actually really good. Especially compared to it's predecessor. Many people tell me to use Chrome or Firefox because it's 'better' or faster. Well, first of all, Edge is most certainly faster than Opera, Chrome, and Firefox on my PC. Getting Octane scores of 42K, where Chrome usually scores 31K, Firefox coming in at 35K, and Opera coming in at around 32K. I've got plenty of RAM and lovely little clock speeds on my hexacore system. For me, it just works, I like the aesthetics, the functionality, and I've already written a few APIs so I can run Chrome plugins on the Edge browser. So I'm all set. But WHAT THE (dolphin x3) IS WRONG WITH WINDOW SNAPPING? I'll have the window fully maximized (otherwise known as snap:full), and it will randomly unsnap. It won't move more than 3 pixels down from the top-left corner. The window size stays the same, but it just unsnaps!

As you can see, the there's a gap between the top of the window and the top of the screen... It only happens when I'm using Edge. No other program window (apps and desktop applications) does this. No one on the MS forums has any clue, but then again, no one on the MS forums really ever does. Does anyone know what is causing this?