MrAckle First Build V2

Hello Everyone,

I am currently a gamer and a video/photo editor and I want a computer that would help me in both ways. So I comprised my V1 list on another post and constructed the best PC i could build with the feedback + my budget of £1200-1300 budget. So here it is 

I currently own Windows 7, optical Drive and all other displays/ peripherals so the total price is 1242.73

Anymore feedback would help alot. I also considered the Corsair 650D as the other case choice. 

Cheers all.

Well you went overboard on a couple of things such as the psu. bring it down to a 500W for a single card.

trade out for a 3570k. you prolly won't notice a difference except in like uber huge video projects.

With those two things down you can grab a bigger ssd maybe 512 prolly 256. or pt the money in a 680. IF it saves you money get slower ram you won't notice it unless your rocking an amd apu.

On the whole you made a great build super powerful but if you want to save some money you've got some options if you want to distuibute your money better less cpu more gpu.

This build gets you both the 680 and a 240 gig ssd while remaining in your budget.

Cheers for the comment. this is going to my first build so it means alot for the support. I doubt I'll be doing uber high video projects but maybe some after effects projects.

I looked into the OCZ Vertex and I heard they can break/die really easily but if you recommend it, I should be okay.

The CPU I couldn't decide on really I just knew that was the best I7 you could buy but if you say I can save money for a little less performance I shall look into benchmarking.

I hate a messy case so will that semi modular PSU be okay with the cable management in that case?

I always wanted a 680 because I heard the best card on the market.

Cheers again.

Thank you again

yeah be careful with older ocz ssd's they don't work great the newer ones are fine.

More than likely the psu only has the two things that everyone will always use. 24 pin and 8 pin cpu.

this ssd should work wonders without fail for years on end.

Also 'a lot' is two words not one.


I agree with the other comments, you won't notice the difference between i5 3570k and i7 3770k  unless you go on some serious crazy projects.

Get an Nvidia card for CUDA support, if you get the GTX 680, go for a 600w psu.

As for the SSD, the NEW ocz drives are great, OCZ has changed owners and their policy, now they are much more dedicated to their drives. However there is a 500gb Samsung 840 going around 370 dollars, you can't miss that chance!

Ah Okay thats good to know about the OCZ SSD's.

The PSU seems fine I'm very happy about that.

That is the first Intel SSD I have seen.

Thank you again, I shall be recording this and putting it up on Youtube to see how many mistakes I make.


Thanks, that is some useful information, I heard so much about CUDA with video editing so that was a must have in the build. The Samsung 840 Pro was my first choice of SSD's due to them being the best on the market. 

blargh! A LOT

and yes grab the 840 500 gig he recommended.

Also we want a link. for the youtube video that you do.

Isn't Adobe partnered with AMD now or something? I think either will work fine. 

Do your research then post a link bro

would you consider getting a titan?