Mr Robot threatens the status quo

I was listening to this and I found their answer rather suspect.

"like I don't know if I can say anything about this..."

It's a pretty interesting interview nonetheless, for people whom enjoy the show, especially considering it's hosted by Nathan Fillion.

Love this show, cannot wait for season 2! They've said that they will have elements of the encryption issue with apple and the FBI in the story aspect of it.

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It's very possible that they are going to curtail the show for season 2. Based on their answer, it seemed very shifty-eyed. Rather than saying "yeah, we haven't heard anything about that." They basically danced around the question.

The thing is, the biggest tool for social change, is "art". This is the only show the utilizes the main threat to governments and tptb which is computer hacking and data theft / whistle blowing, and particularly talks about fiat currency and our economic system.

If season 2 is a figment of its former self, I will have an idea why....

I'm kinda interested in seeing how S2 goes. That show was very well produced in season 1, some of the mid-season stuff was just amazing. I hope season 2 is just as good.

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