Mpower Max Pics

Hey guys sorry it's taken so long but I have the pics for the Z87 Mpower Max motherboard. I had to rma it and it just got here yesterday.!280&authkey=!AKGIB0tBaUIctiE

Sorry about the quality I took the pics on my phone this morning before I had to go to work. Overall it's an extremely nice board and I can't wait to go the local microcenter to pick up a 4770k.


P.s. Sorry I couldn't write a more in depth review. I've never been good at writing reviews for anything and I'm also trying to type this on my phone.

thats realy a sweet looking mobo ☺

Lol knew you'd like the board :)

I want to see an Xpower in the wild!

The Mpower is also a great board, though!

When I rma'd it I was thinking of asking for a refund and getting the xpower but I just couldn't get over how expensive it was compared to the mpower.

I like the look of my Gene.

black yellow theme very awesome, i hope msi will come up with an mpower 990FX  gen 3 board with great powerphase, but i suppose that will never gonne happen. to bad for me :( haha

I have z77 mpower and love it, I just wish that I had gotten a chance to get a MSI lightning edition 680 to match the color scheme. XD

I like the look of my Formula.

It does have a ROG quality VRM, or even better, that is a whopping 20 phases.

Could always pick up a 770 lightning