Mp3 patent expired

Now all we need is Mp4 and H.264 and then one of the biggest turns offs for new users will be gone. : D

Why ? Should be using Flac. I know. Go back to my corner.


This is good, but I think most of us have just done a yum install gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-ugly.

Agreed, but most sites distribute music purchases as MP3.

I am kind of torn, actually.

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Because most music is produced with the intention of releasing it as a cd album. Flac file sizes are just too big for any sort of portable or physical media.

Now if we all wanted to transition to sd cards or something like that then we might have a more flac friendly distribution method, but I don't think any music studio will do that any time soon.

SOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo we are sort of stuck with mp3s.

I would actually much rather get wav files instead of flac, but I am largely in the same boat as you guys.

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Torn on what? I'm intrigued.

Ripping a CD to Flac results in ~850-1200kbps audio. This is SIGNIFICANTLY better than MP3 even at V0.

Muh ogg vorbis


But I see new users everyday whine and complain that MP3 codecs are not provided by default. This will at least get them to shut up.

It will. Most of the distros I use (Arch, Ubuntu, Solus, OpenSUSE) either provide them by default or have a checkbox during install to download the "nonfree" components.

Besides the low quality ? It is a downgrade. I run heavy DSP often and remix on the fly. Plus, some other speculations about that specific format. All niche

I know ubuntu does, and that is part of what made it so popular. IDK about arch and solus.

Opensuse only got the ability to add mp3 codecs (BY DEFAULT) recently. A few months ago they did some weird thing to allow some 3rd party to install a repo.

Before then, opensuse was reluctant to even explain how to install pacman to get the mp3 codecs.

Wellllllllll thats nice for you.

For 95% of the pc market, 320kb mp3 files are the highest quality they will ever hear.


That is what you get when MS are jerks. People migrate off to better quality. :slight_smile:

So, you're torn about it being free or torn if you're going to use it? I see it as a good thing for it being free. That said, it's true that there are better options out there.

Agreed, I'm that way because I spend too much time working with loud cars. Hearing damage is a bitch.

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The problem was this was illegal in a number of countries. Most notably the US. That's why you still can't legally watch dvds on Linux in the US.

More like a trojan horse. I see the benefit of ease of use and getting more people onto a more user friendly platform but ? What is getting sacrificed. Maybe just /pol but I seriously doubt it.

That's the most frustrating part of media licensing and the legislature that surrounds it.

That said, I haven't heard of anyone getting arrested for doing so. (ya' know, without doing something egregious to attract law enforcement attention)

I suppose that's a fair argument. I'm just getting pretty tired of these ideological debates on this level. Ignore this old curmudgeon.

Understand. Wears me out.

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MP4 is not a codec, and why would you use the MP4 Container when Matroska is a thing?

But why tho? FLAC is smaller in file size and has tags, which Wav... well, technically tags exist but .. uh, yeah, just no. Guess it depends on the use case, but I can't think of one where it would apply.

This. I tried just using OGG (not sure if I tried Opus or Vorbis, I think the latter) on my phone and there's no difference to MP3. Most of my collection is FLAC and/or ALAC anyway (a lot of it used to be imported to iTunes for my GFs iPod), and syncing it to the phone with OGG works fine, so why use MP3 :slight_smile:


Mp4, mpeg 4, what ever the video codec thing is.

The nice thing about wav is that the "silence" of the music is still recorded. You can then take those files into audacity and remove background hiss a lot easier. Basically you have a bit more data to play with if you want to edit the music.

As far as OGG goes, yeah it works. Good luck getting any of the major recording studios to use it.

Yeah that probably won't happen, I was more referring to using it at home. Ripping CDs to FLAC or Ogg directly, putting it on the phone etc. Not that platforms would sell it.

Then again a few platforms do sell FLAC at least, so... you never know.

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