Mozilla removes individual cookie management in Firefox 60

It is exactly what it sounds like. We will still be able to delete cookies but not in the same way. Let’s say you have 10 cookies from level1techs
In your browser and you want to delete 1 or 2 of them. With FF60 You won’t be able to. You will be able to either delete all 10 of them or none of them. At lest that’s my understanding. I fail to see why they are doing this. How does this help anyone?

Is this just a continuation of dumbing things down further and further to appeal the technically challenged people? Or are they copying Apple and pushing forwards with COURAGE by removing functions? I mean they must be doing it right if they are copying $400 billion company.


This is pretty stupid. Even Chrome has not removed this option.

… going to make debugging our firms sites more time consuming.

Stupid decision.

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OMG, this is why I’m really seriously considering Chromium.

Waterfox with the latest patches as a eternal ESR release sounds more sensible now.

Choosing a browser these days is becoming a real pain in the ass cheeks. Do you want privacy ? Do you want security ? Do you want backwards compatibility with addon support ? Do you want configuration ? Do you want performance ? Do you want lightweight browsing… etc… The list goes on.

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I wonder if firebox developer edition will still have this as its meant more for developing websites.

Who the fuck still uses cookies? Unfortunately, a good many people it seems.

The localStorage API is much better both in functionality and security.

2018 man.

I found out we can still delete individual cookies by

  1. Click on the left side end of the url bar on the information button
  2. Expand right
  3. Click “More Information”
  4. Security Tab -> View Cookies

Some Arch user on reddit says you can access them by opening the developer tools. Ctrl+Shift+I but I’m not a web developer so that looks alien to me.

Oh and by the way in FF60 when you open the cookie window from options menu. You can’t delete the cookies with DEL key, only by mouse. That’s dumb.