Mozilla Firefox, Open New Tab

Does anyone know how to set it in firefox to open your homepage when you open a new tab instead of a blank page?

I'm using Firefox 3.0

I don't know if you can...

I don't believe you can, but I think you can in Internet Explorer, but IE sucks, so nevermind that!

ahh fair enough. nah, I went to Firefox because IE8 has tendency to crash sometimes.

there's an extension that might be able to do that ... there's a link there to get the most recent one

Thanks guys, I like new firefox, and the fact that you can customize it to the way you want is even more awsome. I use it as my default browser now.

don't need reasons, just go with firefox =P

I used to use IE8, but IE8 beta 1 is big memory hog

I used to use tab mix plus it is a firefox addon, and it is pretty damn good. Try it!