Moving Windows from laptop to desktop

so i recently built a desktop and i am running ubuntu 13.10. i have a laptop with windows vista and i took the drive out and put it in my pc to clone it to my ssd. however after attempting to boot i was met with a screen saying it needs to run repairs on windows. i believe this is caused by the hardware diffrence between the laptop and the dekstop is there something i am doing wrong or is there a better way of doing this?





Not going to happen. Windows doesn't like being moved around, especially across different chipsets. Plus, I'm about 90% sure that's against the T&C. Also cloning an image from a HDD to a SSD is less than optimal. You'd be better off doing a clean install, and hoping MS lets you transfer the key.

Okay where do i start.. i've been working with OS's these past couple of days.

Chances is that your windows on your laptop is 32-bit you don't really want that. also vista isin't as good as 7 but thats down to preference. the best way would be to go to the windows site download the same service pack and install it onto the Desktop and activate it with the same key however even then.. you can only use a key for one computer unless you buy a key more multible computers and the windows on your laptop is probably an OEM wich means its tied to the motherboard and cannot be transfered your best bet is to buy Win7Ultimate OEM if your in the uk have it for £70 atm Why an OEM? it's cheaper so the short answer is save yourself some time because the above methods are likely not to work except buying a new version of windows sorry bud 

If you tell them your old motherboard 'broke' and you're lucky, they'll transfer the key for you.