Moving to vms

I have a Dell R430 1u machine that I am running ubuntu server 20.04 on with 2 HDD’s in a virtual raid setup… I want to replace them with some SSD’s. What are my options for making an image of the system and does the image contain all of the data? I haven’t made an image of something before. I was thinking of starting to mess with vms and was thinking of trying Proxmox but I’m still not sure about that. I do run some game servers on this machines so I’m not sure if going to VMs is the best idea…

Or should I just save the important things and start from scratch?

What filesystem / partitioning are you using?
Can you post the output of lsblk?

It could be as easy as just copying the files with rsync -aP from one mounted filesystem to another (+checking minor tweaks in fstab). … or it could be more complex. (e.g. using btrfs send or lvcreate -s)

As far as the file system goes I’m using the default system.

Read title thought it was about migrating platform to VMS