Moving to Florida from the Mid-West?

I'm moving from Indiana to Florida (Near Tampa) shortly (the 14th). If you have done such a move, I'd like to hear about how it went.

I have a few questions:

  • Are there many places to get a job in a game design/development company? As a game tester/whathaveyou at the time being.
  • Are there many local (game) studios in the area?
  • How hard is it to transfer your license from current state to FL?
  • What are the best/worst things about living in the Tampa area?

Many thanks in advance.

lol, i'd be afraid of getting killed in a bizarre way, if i lived in Florida. good luck man.

That is a majestic creature. What price would one have to pay to obtain one?

There is nothing wrong with Tampa I actually live south of Tampa in Sarasota. I don't think there's anything game related in Tampa, but I live in Sarasota so the most I can say it that it is very nice.