Moving to Crunchbang, and I cant move back!

This is not a help request, but simply a little story of my last week in transitioning my works workflow to Linux.
So I have used Linux on my machines for around 3 years, I have used many different systems from Ubuntu to Arch to Slackware, although I always defaulted to Arch due to its modularity.
But work requires a different work ethic from Linux for me, I need stability as well as low resource usage, not saying Arch is not stable, I need the assurance from the system, and Debian is dam hard to beat.

At the beginning of this short trail I used RHEL as they had released a dev edition for free, but I quickly found it to be a bit limiting for me, I can afford to be restricted in any way, and sure with tinkering I could sort this out but to be honest I cant be bothered.
In came Debian, I tried Ubuntu but its resource usage was too high for my liking, 1.2GB Idling so I switched to Ubuntu MATE which was idling at around 400MB but I had build issues with it so I decided to go for the father distro.
I used Debian for a while and it worked well, but I wanted a bit of nostalga in my distro, one of the first distros I used was Crunchbang, but sadly the original distro has been discontinued, but two systems have taken the mantle, Bunsen Labs and CB++.
Bunsen labs is likely better supported than CB++ as there is only 3 devs on the team but it looked more like #! than BL so I went for that.

I did try Mint inside this transition but it doesnt work for me so back to #!++

And here we are, running #!++ daily on my work laptop, my PC is stupidly overpowered for this system (16GB RAM, i5 and 500GB SSD) but having less going on helps me maintain it if needed, gives me more battery life and more resources to throw at VMs, plus Tint2+Conky can get addictive to customise, I expect this maybe an obsession ill never be happy with.

If you want a simple debian distro that gets out of your way try #!++ I am looking forward to using this daily for work, when I have actually got all the tweaks setup I need, which may take some time.

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I used to use crunchbang as a live CD for recovery operations, and I liked it

But for anything else, I wouldn't use it. I'd just start with a minimal Debian install and build up from there. There is serious weight behind the Debian package management team, and relying on the small group of people who are responsible for cruchbang++ seems like a recipe for disaster at some point in the future.

@XDroidie626 you need to change your profile pic so it's recognizable lol. What happened to the glory of RPM distros?

/#! Was the shit. Loved that system and style. It is why I love rainmeter in windows. I so sorely missed my conky widgets I set about creating th and more in mainmeter.

So how is it different than just vanilla distro?

(as a debian user, I'm curious)

Crunchbang died and Crunchbang++ and Bunsenlabs linux came forth to be a continuation of Crunchbang. Seems like Bunsen won out as ++ hasn't had an update in a long while

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Nothing wrong with RPM distros, I used to use them a lot, specifically Fedora and RHEL, but the package manager is a bit fiddly at times, some yum commands dont work with dnf even though they should do during the merging window.
I wanted something super light and non invasive during work time, and I remember on an old acer atom notebook I had I ran #! for ages on it, of course the project being dead I switch to #!++
But dont get me wrong, I still prefer RPM over deb but during the switching phase its pissing me off lol

++ is still going, I checked the github page and there was changes recently, the software comes from the repos so it doesn't matter, its just a custom openbox debian skin really.

It isnt really different to Debian stock, it using Openbox and Conky + Tint2 for the alteration of the desktop, runs at around 130MB RAM and like 1% CPU usage, superb for low end laptops.