Moving partitions

hi everyone,

i recently installed windows 7 pro on a pc and gonna install it on another one later but when installing i couldn't change the partitions. space isn't a problem (128gb ssd, 1tb hdd both systems) but having the swap partition on the ssd sucks pretty hard. when installing i only had 1 ssd on the system, after installing i plugged the hdd in. the ssd also has stuff that's changes the data to an other cell to increase life. do i need to install software for it? samsung 840 evo and samsung 840 pro. I use a samsung 840 evo 250gb in my system but i don't know if it also uses it and i don't know if the sofware from samsung will work with linux.

Sorry I'm used to auto capitals:). How about the swap partition?

the swap partition in windows, don't know how they call it in windows and i don't know much about windows but i really don't want the swap partition on the ssd. and i run windows 7 pro as the main os and windows xp in virtualbox.