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Moving my Threadripper box into a 4U Chassis

Hi all,

I’m looking to move my Threadripper build into a 4U chassis, which has an Asus Zenith Extreme. So the 4U chassis would need to support E-ATX boards as well.

Having gone through the Supermicro site I just haven’t been able to find anything that ‘fits’ the bill – what I’m looking for:

  • Max 2-3 3.5" storage bays, even 1-2 is enough.
  • 5-7 full-length PCI slots (in the case)
  • Either dual hot-swap PSUs or ATX PSU support.

Reason I’m looking at Supermicro is because I have found an agent for them in Singapore.


Cheers M.

They have dual single ATX psus
Like these

That’s interesting, thanks hmm!

In terms of the chassis though, this may be an option, although it has way too many bays than I would need.

What about something like this

That would work – my issue is that I’m in Asia and shipping anything like this is super costly. I’m looking to pick up another chassis from Supermicro for a secondary Freenas node.

Its a mass produced under many name case, I just happen to use plink since I am in the US. You should be able to find something similar from another company.

Similar to the one you found:

Thanks, but it doesn’t look like that would go on rails to slide into my rack.

The case supports both, tower and 4U operation.


Sorry, thanks for pointing that out!!

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