Moving my case to a rack

I have a Fractal Design Define 7 XL case stuffed with 16 drives. But I recently acquired an 18u rack and I want to move it into the rack.

Is there a rack mounted device that just a top loading box that have the connectors pointing up so I can use my current hardware and just cable it all together?

Closest thing is a 45drives q30, but I just need something to mount my drives in, does this sort of hacky thing even exist?

knockoffs are available.

i have seen a 300$ version pop up on ebay occasionally.


Technically, 45 drives is a “knockoff” too. It’s just an open source BackBlaze Storage Pod. So in theory, you can build your own.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
I discovered this product. It’s pretty much exactly what I need and I can buy it locally :smiley:


that is a clone of the older chenbro RM41416 (i use one of the Chenbro cases) from the looks of it chenbro (and some Dell) skids would work. there are skids with mounts for 2.5" drives available. the longer PSU bracket would accept a N+1 4u style triple PSU if you wanted to go that route, also.

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One thing you might want to consider before going to a bigger case is if you want to increase the capacity on some of your drives. After all, consolidating five 1TB drives to a single 8TB drive might be of interest, not to mention 18TB drives.

Your parts, your money though, just thought I should point out a potential different direction that might be more what you want. Most people think they need more space than they do. That said, if you do need more drive bays, going for a rack is 100% the right call!

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I thought I had a drive hoarding problem, but 16 drives. Wow. xD Support the not throwing away of perfectly functional hardware though

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