Moving from 1HDD to 1SSD&1HDD


Now I am running with 1 WD HDD. It has OS, important files, games...

And I'm going to buy an SSD.

I wan't that the OS is in the SSD, and my important files and games stay at the HDD.

Do I have to format my HDD because it already has windows in it?

I obviously can't format my HDD because it has important files in it.

So does it work like this:?

  1. Unplug HDD from pc

  2. Install windows to SSD.

  3. Plug HDD to pc and my files are there.

Like you described. Unplug HDD (Data and power cable). Install OS to SSD, shut the system off again and plug the HDD back in again.

If you have enough room on the HDD, you could shrink the C:\ partition size, create a new partition for your files, copy the files to that partition, shrink C:\ further, then clone the Windows partition onto the SSD.

Once you know Windows launches on the SSD, delete the windows partition on the HDD and expand the size of the HDD partition with your files on it.

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And he can do all this using MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition.