Moving files to linux from windows

I need help coping files from my windows installs over to a temporary linux computer so i can reinstall my operating systems. My windows installs are windows 7 ultimate and windows 8.1 and linux is ubuntu 15.04. thanks in advance

Which storage mediums do you have available? If you have a large external HDD that'd be by far the easiest. I hope you don't only have the two PCs and no other storage as that will conplicate things

Yep only 2 laptops that i can use right now while im away. I would just upload them online but they are about 200 - 300 GB

samba sharing is one of the possibilities if you want to move between 2 computers
its not super fast and 200-300GB can take some time though

ill try to look into that but the only device to device connection i have is a crossover ethernet cable

Ah k, no problem then. I was thinking running an FTP server on each Windows PC with FileZilla would be a straight forward and easy way to get this sorted out. Then on Ubuntu you can use the FIleZilla FTP client to connect or these and then download the data you share

alright i have filezilla server on windows but am having trouble setting it up

What's not working properly exactly? Any errors? etc

just getting the basics set up. i am extremly new to networking so most this stuff does not come easy.

I do windows->linux transfers quite a lot. There are (apart from the mentioned ftp solution) several options:

Install cygwin on windows (take care to install the openssh package) then you start the cygwin terminal, cd into /cygdrive and then you see your harddrives mounted there. Then you can use scp to the linux machine whatever files or folders you want.

Another, easier, solution is Bittorrent sync. You can install it to your windows pc and your linux machine, start the gui on windows and configure it using the webinterface on the linux machine (open in your browser ip.of.your.linuxbox:8888 and there you go)

The cygwin solution is moderatly tricky to set up and the btsync thing is fairly easy.

Ok thanks i set up bitorrent sync and i am coping files at ~10Mb/s

not sure this just comes up in red?

huh? red? Not sure I can follow you here.

10Mb/s sounds a bit like 100Mbit cable to me ;)

whoops sorry forgot to post the text

You appear to be behind a NAT router. Please configure the passive mode settings and forward a range of ports in your router.
Warning: FTP over TLS is not enabled, users cannot securely log in