Moving an os from one hdd to another


A while back I put a really cheap system together using an old HDD, which I am a bit concerned about, because it has been treated really poorly (It have been outside in a box filled with all kind of scrap metal and other hardware stuff, and it has probably taking several hits) Currently it works well and have been doing so in 3-4weeks but I kinda fear it will die so I would like to hear if it's possible to move an entire drive of content to another drive? And using that instead of the old drive.

You should be able to make a system image or some kind of a backup file with Windows' Backup and Restore feature.

I have no knowledge on this subject (currently reading about it.) but.. if I make the system image on a new HDD, I can just boot from the new HDD after it's done making the system image?

I'm not too sure about that, but I know there is a way to make a backup disc that will retain all the data.

Okay, thank you! I will look into that.

windows imagin sytem is terrible. i use imaging alot and i can say that windows or microsofts solution gives nothing but problems and lost files. I recommend  Acronis and acronis only. there are others but they dont get the job nearly as quick nor as faultlessly. 

Trust me i image several hdd's every day. That is part of my job.

Whats a fix for if my boot sector is on another drive from the disk that im trying to clone, and the Windows bootloader doesn't want to boot off said image when it has been copied to another drive?

A sane person would just do a clean install but uh...I don't feel like redoing all the customizations I have in Windows at the moment...

What about Daemon Tools? I've heard they're supposed to be pretty good. I just personally haven't used it for anything.

put your old boot drive into a RAID 1 with your new one. problem solved, and no need to mess around with imaging at all

I heard somewhere that there is a program already in windows which can be accessed from the command prompt called robocopy. im sure you can use this to make a system image of one directory and move it to another. im not really sure if this would work when copying a boot drive but maybe someone on here can enlighten me on the subject.