Moving a RAID 0 Array


I just bought a new case and I'm movingall my gear in to the new rig but my hard drives are in RAID 0. I was wondering if i can just pull them out and move them or do i have to do some special stuff to keep the array together?  Other things to keep in mind; the motherboard will stay the same and I am also a broke ass student so I can't spead too much seeing as I threw a bunch of money at my rig anyways.

Thanks so much,

Trace from Canada

Just power the rig down, move everything, and keep them in the same SATA ports.

Okay awesome. Thanks so much :)

make a backup, just incase. My sugetions:

Get a extrunal drive (size of your combined drives data)

make a complete copy (tons of free programs on the interwebs)

move everything

wipe the drives

boot from your backup 

re-raid the drives

restore from the backup


I know its a lot of steps but its a bit safer

One way of doing it is making a ghost image