Moved to Ebay Mod Please Lock

I have four graphics cards that I'm looking to sell. All of these cards have not been used for mining. The HIS 7970's were used in my eyefinity setup and were not overclocked to keep temps safe. These cards do not have their original boxes, but I do have two crossfire bridges and driver cds which I could throw in if you wanted.

The r9 280x has been used in my htpc/ living room gaming pc for a little over a year now. I have it downclocked and undervolted to minimize noise. The 280x is being replaced by a fanless card soon as I don't really game in the living room anymore and am trying to make my htpc silent. The 280x does have the original box and all of the accessories. Crossfire bridge. molex to 6 pin. Mini display port to hdmi adapter and driver cd.

7970 asking 130 USD each
280x asking 140 USD
I will pay for shipping. If I can't sell these here soon they'll be going up on Ebay.

Link to PhotoBucket with pics. Pics were too big to upload directly into the post.

140 what? jelly beans,dollars,yen,pounds?

Sorry. Should have put currency in post. I edited to reflect that. In USD.

Dang, not even one offer :/

put it out on ebay, and link it here. Will help.

No. It's against the B/S/T rules to link to an Ebay auction from here.

I'll keep this post up for a few more days to see if I get any interest. If no buyers then I'll have to lock the post and sell on ebay