Moved into to new house!

I have moved into my new house officially. Have terrible cell phone signals inside so averting that by having a land line phone. Also have a gigabit line for internet… Right now waiting on couches and single seat recliners to be delivered. Also waiting for my doggos to make the trip up here. I sleep so much better here than I do in the city (lived there for 25 years). I can see the sky, my driveway is long af though. I am on 6 acres and have a 500ft driveway. So getting the front yard leaves this year and shoveling the snow will be fun. Come to think of it I need a snow blower for the driveway!

I llive 10 to 15 minutes aways from the nearest big city which isn’t very big compared to where I grew up. The town I am part of has a total of 700 or so residents.


Nahhh, mate. I’m thinking of a drag car. :joy::joy:

Serous tho mate. Congrats!

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Apparently I haven’t changed my credit card on patreon to the new number. I had fraudulent charges on it and had the number changed and a new card issued. Welp gotta get that patreon icon on my avatar back!

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Does your cellphone provider support wifi calling? This solved the issue for me.

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Do such things exisat that are little personal mobile towers that plug into you broadband connection? but then again if you have phone and wifi that kind of covers that.

A femtocell. Many mobile providers offer them if they don’t support wifi calling.

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My phone does, my grandmas does not and she needs a phone to talk to her friends. Mind you this is a 93 year old who is just used to entering in a number. No smartphone for her…

Those shiny dots in the sky that show up at night are called stars :slight_smile: