Move Win 10 virtual machine drive to external folder

I have a Virtual Machine running Windows 10. I’d like to save space on this fixed drive, capped at 60gb. Is there a way for me to move the C: drive to a External Folder, that resides on an external HDD?(2TB)

What hypervisor are you using?

Depending on which one, would recommend the following:

  • Shutdown the Windows VM
  • Copy the virtual hard drive you currently have to a new location (say /media/RainSage/drive2/MyAwesomeVMs/Win10_Base as an example)
  • In the hypervisor, create a new VM, Set the location to be the same path as you put the copy of Win10 drive, set same (or higher) cpu, memory, network and video settings in the vm
  • When you get to “Create/Select Virtual Drive” (changes a little depending on virtualbox or VMware) - Select the copy that you copied over.

I like making a copy of the drive and creating a new VM due to bad history of copy and paste whole VM - Some pointers in configs, MAC conflics… None of these issues should still exist but by following this path, you always have your known good copy to fail back to. At least until you delete it.

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