Move SSD to HDD

I have a Kingston HyperX SSD and it's getting pretty full.


How do I move files from the SSD to my Seagate 3 TB drive?


It's only giving me the option to "copy" instead of sending whole folders and files.



What type of data are you moving? Pictures, music, files or applications?

In Computer speak, to Move means to take something from one part of a drive and place it in a different part. To Copy means to do the same thing, but the destination is another drive. This is done in part to prevent data loss during the process of transferring the data.

To take data and have it reside on a different drive permanently, you must Copy the files to the destination drive, then delete the original files. Make sure to check the properties of the files to verify that the same number of files have been transferred and that the combined size of the files is the same before you delete the originals just in case. That should give you a fuzzy enough feeling to be sure that the files have been moved and remained intact.

Perfect! thank you