Move Application Menu Icons Fedora 24 [solved]

Fedora 24 Workstation - released
GNOME 3.20 Tweak Tools Installed
Tweaks > Extensions > Applications menu > ON
Applications > move icon from Office to Internet

How can icons be moved from menu a item to another?

dnf install alacarte

Should work for editing the menu

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In ran "dnf install alacarte" and rebooted.
However, I can't right-click, copy/paste or drag and drop menu items.
So, how is editing done?
Do you have a link to instructions?

Oh sorry. You run the programme once it's installed. It won't let you drag and drop things directly in the menu but you can edit it in the alacarte program.

Its listed in the menu as "main menu" (no idea why) under sundry

Edits will take effect if you disable and re-enable the applications menu in gnome tweak tool.

I didn't think to look for an app called alacarte.
I should have.
Thank you

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Glad its working.