General talk of mousepads?

I'm currently looking for a new mousepad, I have the Steelseries Sensei (Avago 9500) and I know that the 4HD/9HD is "designed" for it, but would prefer a cloth pad. I want to the mousepad to have a smooth, fast glide. I think it's between these 3;


Zowie G-TF Speed Edition, should be fast and durable, black color might be better than colored one?


Razer Goliathus Team Liquid Speed Edition, don't know how it compares to the Zowie pad, coloring might be bad for tracking?


Puretrak Talent, is it fast? I've heard a lot of good stuff about this pad, but don't know how it would work with a laser mouse


Anyone with experience with these 3 pads with laser mouses, especially Avago 9500? Right now I'm using QcK Na´Vi edition and i get big negative acceleration, jittering etc.