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Guys I’m looking for a mousepad that is easy to clean. My last one got filthy so I threw it out.

Get a hard mousepad (ie the QCK Hard)

My l1 mousepad is easily cleaned. The edges are sewn so it doesnt separate and fray like others might.


Well I replaced my old and tired one with the very nice one from GN :wink:

It is an ultra wide design so it doubles for both the KB and the MOUSE.


Hard mouse pad is nice. I got the one from EVGA and and cleans up easily.

Just use plates for eating instead. Like normal people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mousepads simply won’t live forever.
Except the cheating ones.
Those will.

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Level 1 Techs. They got some really cool ones.

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I do, but between the finger food and dust it just gets dirty over time. I had that Mose pad for 3 years and never cleaned it. The corner started rolling up for some reason. It was a cheapy though.

My question about hard mouse pads would be would it feel different then my desks surface? I feel a tiny bit of resistance with just using the desk. If I do go cloth again what’s the best way to clean it?

would depend on the desk. I’ve got a cheap IKEA like desk and you can tell a difference with the hard mouse pad, has less resistance

I don’t know… a well made full desk mat on amazon is like 25,- bucks or so. If you really need a new one every two years I would still go that route instead of using a hard mat. Just don’t like the feel.

Full desk ones are not really what I’m looking at. I have the Fredde desk from Ikea. And based on the shape of the front I don’t think a full one would work.

I just bought a full desk mat, (QCK Edge). My previous 6$ generic full desk mat feels similarish enough but thicker.

I think I overpaid on this one.

Well I guess my suggestion would be to buy one you like then when needed follow this video [How to Clean A Cloth Mouse Pad NOT RGB] . (


good ol’ zy

I heard a long time ago hardpads either wore out your mouse feet or don’t track very well on some mice. Maybe they have improved it since then? I am not super sure, industry seems to be moving towards fabric pads or rgb pads

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Both are true. some people like the hard mouse pad due less friction and maintenance. but that would be the trade off.

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Thoughts? I was also looking at their hard mouse pads, but not sure if I want to spend more than $20. I prefer Amazon as I have a prime membership.

Again, i just bought one yesterday (the XL version). A cheaper/generic one would probably serve you equally. The only bad experience I remember was that a cheap one would take a few days readjusting to a flat surface after being kept rolled for so long. Other than that, the mat surface feels similar enough.

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good quality ones just throw in the washing machine

Yeah, I bought a cheapo desk mat with stitched edges for 13,- Euros years ago. They are pretty much all the same, really.