Mousepad what do you like?

Hello guys i'm working in a totaly new periferal setup and i was thinking of getting a mousepad and since i am pretty new to mousepads (i used none for the last 5-6 years) i would like some advice. What do you think is a good mousepad and why? and also whats is the difference between a hard surface and a soft surface?

It will make a big difference - Personally I like a soft pad and have a Minonix Sargas 900 and a few steelseries. These both have good build and size for my needs

ok when i was younger i oftenly liked the soft cloth mousepads (sorry for not mentioning this earlier) i read a lot about the steelseries QcK do you maybe have any experience with it because im looking into a mousepad of around the size of a Qck and a Qck+


Yeah I have one of those mats and its great - not mush more to say about it 

ok ill probably buy a Qck a Qck+ is a little to big for my liking and its only 10 euros thanks for the help.

I'm loving my razer sphex, though it's not technically a mouse pad.

I like my Razer Goliathus extended... no need to fear than in game you suddenly slip off mouse pad's edge.. :d

I use hard mouse pads primarily. However, I recently bought an Xtrac Ripper XXL, and it is awesome being able to cover my entire desk! It works well, but I still keep my Func 1030 XL on top of it to use as my main mouse pad.

I was split between steelseries qck and XTRAC Ripper.  I ended up getting a XTRAC Ripper pad. Things huge, soft, and records my lazer mouse accurately, can't beat it for $13-14. #noregrets.  It's a mouse pad, what more could you want it to do... increase your FPS and make you sandwiches? :P

+1 for the Razer Goliathus. Using this mouse pad with a 6400dpi is insanely accurate and large enough to accomodate even the lowest sensitivity gamer.

I use the SteelSeries QcK Mass Mouse Pad with my Razer Deathadder 2013 edition.  The pad is super, super comfortable and it's more than large enough to manuever in.  It's also very thick to help you if you're on rough surfaces.  Highly recommend it.

Mionix Propus 380 is great! Hard surface, and pretty spacious.  Sticks very well to the surface.

I really like my Steelseries QcK. Durability might have been better though.

I've used that before and i love it! i just wish it didn't only come in razer green- it will throw off my blue fans and mouse.

If I remember correctly, hard pads are better for laser mice where soft pads might be better for optical. You can get different textured hard pads too, which allow for different types of resistance. The smooth pads are good if you want as little resistance as possible and want to be faster than you are accurate. Textured pads allow for more resistance and accuracy. 

QcK+ owner here. I love it. Works great with my Sensei. Not much more to say beyond that.