Mouse Upgrade

Since switching to PC, I have been using a standard cheap mouse off of an old computer. It's been mainly fine to use, except when it comes to shooters or other games that require some accuracy. It weighs absolutely nothing, so flies all over the place when I try to be precise with it so I want to upgrade to something better.

I've been looking at 'gaming mice' and one thing I've noticed is that they all seem to have lots of programmable buttons on them. I really don't feel I've missed out not having had these and am more concerned with having a nice weight and comfort as well as good DPI (from what I understand this is quite important when it comes to precision).

So, I'm looking for something good but without all the bells and whistles. As this is my first venture into the fancy mouse market, I don't want to break the bank only to find that I didn't really need one to begin with so I'd like to set a cap of £30 if possible.

Thanks in advance for any help. 

Any preference on grip?

I think the sensor should be the top consideration. And for that particular reason, I would recommend the CM Spawn. It's a smaller mouse, don't think it would be particularly weighty, but there's no faulting the sensor.

No preferences on grip, as I've never had anything I could use as a reference. I like the look of that mouse for it's simple design so I'll definitely keep that one in mind. However I would like to find something with a bit of weight to it if I can.

I was looking at the SteelSeries Kinzu v2. It looks nice and simple, it's only £20 but it's bright fucking yellow.

Oh nevermind. On ebay they have them in black for £15. Thoughts anyone?

I have a steelseries kana, it's small but it feels like me old Razer Diamondback. The build quality is great, the cable won't die anytime soon.

Kinzu is a smaller version of it.

Best Cheap Mouse coming through


the best cheapest mouse is the logitech g100s. It has one of the best sensors on the market. Every other mouse with a comparable or better sensor is at least twice the price.

It is bare minimum, no extras. two buttons and a scroll wheel. 3 year warranty.


also, high dpi is purely a marketing gimmick. Most professional shooter players actually use no higher then 1,000 dpi.  You can have pixel perfect accuracy at 400 dpi and 1080p in a shooter. When you use very high DPI its like in a baking recipe having to measure out 10 cups of flour with a teaspoon instead of a cup. A cup measuring device is already perfectly a cup, you don't gain any accuracy using a teaspoon. There are actually downsides designing a mouse to have a very high DPI and most mice actually suffer in performance at all DPI for making their mouse have decent performance at a very high dpi. The G502 has a revolutionary new architecture and doesn't sacrifice performance for high max dpi, but it has a lot of bells and whistles that you wouldn't want.

Thanks for the replies guys. In the end I went with the Kinzu.