Mouse/touchpad keyboard issues with ubuntu 14.04

Hello all,
I've got a laptop that i just installed ubuntu 14.04 on, the last time i played with ubuntu was 12.xx something, and did not have this issue.
anyway on to the problem, When cold booting the laptop i must keep my keyboard or trackpad active through the entire boot process otherwise once i reach the desktop they will be unresponsive, the only way to log in is to reboot and keep motion on the trackpad while its booting.
Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or what i might need to install driver wise?

laotop is a Toshiba satellite c675d-s7310.

I had this issue recently occur after I updated Ubuntu 14.04.2 on a HP Pavillion. Oddly enough, it does not occur in an updated Linux Mint 17.1 (Which is based off of 14.04), leading me to believe that it's a regression in the kernel. Is your trackpad of the Synaptic or Alps brand?


I was actually looking at mint just now, just pissed because i spent all day setting this thing up yesterday

My info is based off of mtsnacks link.

My guess is that it is something to do with the kernel version i bet if you "rolled back" to an older kernel it would work as mint is not on the same kernel as the newest Ubuntu unless you tell it to install a newer version.

When you updated Ubuntu it also changed you to the newest kernel that they had.

I am not sure how to do this in Ubuntu but in Mint in the updater there is an option to install kernels and pick different ones.

i see,
i guess ill just switch to mint and see if the problem persist,
on that note, can this be done via terminal or will have to make a bootable flashdrive again?

By default the Mint Updater does not mark the new kernels for installation to prevent things like this from happening. Rolling back to an older kernel is the most likely option to work, but one could also upgrade to the latest stable mainline kernel to see if the regression has been fixed.

Personally I would go ahead with installing Linux Mint, since you get the support of Ubuntu plus some extra software. While it is possible to turn Ubuntu into Mint from the terminal, it's not worth the time you'll have to spend doing it; so save yourself the trouble and just make another bootable flashdrive.

dling and installing mint. will report back if problem persist.

installing mint did not fix the issue
i still must keep the trackpad stimulated during boot for the keyboard and pad to work.

so how did we do that kernel downgrading you mentioned?

interestingly enough i switched to the fglrx display drivers for ati and my problem with the touchpad and keyboard seem to be fixed. I have cold booted 3 times and each time I have not had to touch the pad during boot.

I'm not sure what display drivers have to do with that but it seems to be fixed for now.

Weird. It might have something to do with xinput.

just kidding, This morning the problem returned, So now it seems to be a random problem that i can not consistently reproduce.

If you want to try switching kernel versions, it is in the updater for mint click on the little shield by the clock and then in the menus at the top i think it is under view or edit, you will see an option for kernel version.

just select one and click install, Not sure if it will help. but you can always try to do the latest one.

after the install says its done reboot.