Mouse Sensitivity decisions game Dev's make

So i play my games seriously. I'm not that old at all but i have played counter strike for more of my life then the amount of time that i didn't play counter-strike. And with every shooter i play i always see some terrible defaults. For example in CS:GO by default the sensitivity is 6 i repeat 6, when the highest sensitivity you would ever need is like a 3.5, at 400htz 6 is insanely high, i dont care how bad your mouse if or how small your mouse is. Imagine that 6 sensitivity on a 1600htz mouse or some people use 2400htz. But alas you can simply change the mouse sensitivity. Did i mention mouse acel is on by default, who needs that or why would it be on by default, just so TB can trash it in his video?. So why give such an un-human sensitivity as 20, thats the max,20. Instead of giving us a more precise slider to work with more stable mouse sensitivities.