Mouse recommendations?

I just bought a CM quickfire rapid for $45 today and I feel that I need a new mouse to replace my shit hp one. 


I really want something that will be comfortable in my entire hand and that will feel erganomic so I don't mess up my tendons.


I really don't play fps, is a trackball mouse like the m570 a good value if I can get it for $35? Any other good suggestions?

CM quickfire rapid for $45

I'm turning into jelly. 

I paid $110 for mine and it's considered a good deal in Europe. 

About to pull the trigger on the m570, speak now or forever hold your peace.

I've been using the Logitech G600 for a few months now. When I got it, I thought I'd never use all of the buttons. Now I've got 3 profiles: 1 for gaming (side buttons mapped to numbers) and 2 for Photoshop and SolidWorks. It has been really handy and has helped a bit in games. I've never accidentally hit the 3rd mouse button! I really recommed it.

+1 for the G600. Fantastic mouse, had mine for a little over 9 months and it's still going strong.

I also need a new mouse but am not looking for anything fancy. I only use 5 buttons, even when gaming. So I need at least a 5 button mouse. But it needs to be durable, for some reason I destroy the left click on my mice. I go through 2 sometimes 3 a year. the one that lasted me the longest is old but was 40$. that microsoft 6000 mouse was awesome and I have not found a mouse that survives my left clicking that it did, and I have spent over 100$ on some. Any ideas for a durable mouse?

I highly recomend the Mionix Naos 8200. picked it up after watching logans review and it's perfect for me. Fits my hand, has as many buttens as i need and the coating on it never gets dirty all you have to do is wipe the sweat residue off it and it's as good as new. It also has all the dpi you will ever need. 

Now i just need to get rid of this membrane keyboard


I love my steel series Akari. microcenter had them for $20 a while ago, but ther must be somewhere with a deal now. I almost bought this one:

You might want to try this cooler master Inferno for $35:

This gigabyte one is only $15, and people swear that it is awesome save for how light it is (like a feather):


I'll be the one to push the M65

It's a little bit more expensive but it's AWESOME

Logan did a review on it:

I also added my own input in the comments.