Mouse recommendation?

I'm planning to build an HTPC for gaming on my home theater system in the near future, and I plan to get the Corsair K70 and Lapdog for ease of use on the sofa. The only thing I really am indecisive on is the mouse to choose to go with this setup.

I own the Tek Syndicate mouse that I use on my main computer, and really enjoy that, but I don't believe those are being made anymore. Does anyone know of any that are comparable in quality and features?

The main thing is I don't want to have to rely on software to change my DPI setting, especially if I end up choosing a linux distro as a choice of OS in the future or as a dual boot option. So the setup that mouse had would be perfect. :)

logitech mice are good, and once you set the dpi in software you can move the settings to the mice, and change them with a button click.