Mouse problems


I have a problem. A few weeks ago I bought a CM Storm Sentinel Advance II mouse.

i really enjoy using it, very comfortable in the hand etc.

It worked in game fine until a couple of days ago.

Now whatever game I play when i move the mouse left/right it bobs up and down.

How bad it bobs varies but sometimes it can become uncontrollable.

Then when I exit the game, full of frustration it caries on bobing.

The way I stopped it last time was by putting my old mouse in (rubbish old small one) which worked perfectly no problems, then plugging the CM mouse in again, then it worked.

I have fully up-to-date drivers.

I run Windows 7 ultimate (x64)

AMD fx8350

16gb Kingston HyperX Beast RAM

Sapphire HD6670 (ASUS HD7970 on its way as we speak) 

Try to reinstall the mouse drivers

Hmm i had a similar problem with an older kingston gaming mouse that i just replaced, but not as severe. Try different usb hubs if you havent yet. If you still are having problems I think I would get it replaced and see if the problem continues.

Ive tried different usb ports, that doesnt work, i will probably send it back to get it replaced. Now reinstalling drivers.

Thanks for your input guys!

Just reinstalled drivers, no improvement, I think im just going to return and get a new mouse (same make and model)

i had the same problems with a CM storm inferno mouse - uninstall ALL CM drivers AND microsoft mouse and keyboard centre if installed.  restart with mouse disconnected and boot to windows - restart again and then plug mouse in.  refuse any software installs and it should work.  If not you may have a faulty laser sensor - i have had to RMA one for that too.

Unfortunately this has not worked. So i will be getting a replacement soon.

I'll be sending it off on tuesday.

Thank you for your help!