Mouse pointers and other general issues - new user

Alright lets get started I've installed ubuntu maybe 2 hours ago and have been trouble shooting ever since, firstly grub 2 was giving me some issue regarding normal.mod, fairly simple fix, took me about an hour cuz im slow but whatever powered through it. Now my mouse pointer is stuck on the top left corner of the screen while my actual mouse can move freely, ie hold down left mouse button on the desktop and move to actually know where you're clicking ( I've checked if the mouse is working, if its correctly plugged in, and if its recognized ). I'm fairly new to ubuntu ( ran ubuntu like 4 years ago for a server but never worked on anything besides that ) so if you want me to check something for you just tell me what commands to run. I also want to know how i can set the refresh rate to 144 by default ( and not just run xrandr after every restart ) and how to turn mouse accel off

Thanks a lot in advance

Ive found a way to fix this, the fix to 2/3 of the issues is the display driver, the nouveau open source driver seems to add 1. mouse imput lag 2. general worse performance and 3. the mouse pointer not moving. IT adds the refresh rate toggle also so i dont need to run xrandr every log in. i still need help turning off mouse acceleration though.

Can you post your system specs, including monitor and resolution? Without knowing your hardware, it's a bit tough to help troubleshoot.

That said, if you're using an Nvidia card, I'd recommend installing the proprietary drivers from nvidia.

You can follow this guide here:

Hopefully this helps. Also, which version of Ubuntu are you on? there are a few different options, but you're probably on 16.04 or 16.10.

I'll be checking the thread periodically, but I'm at work right now, so there's only so much time I can spend on it.

Hey! sorry for the late reply
I'm running a 4790k @ 4.6 ghz currently, 16 GB of 1600 mhz ddr3, gtx 1070, asus z97 pro gamer, asus rog swift @ 2560x1440 144hz. BUT ive already fixed those, if you have any idea why the sound card that came with the cloud 2s needs to be taken out and plugged in again every restart to be recognized in the sound settings, id appreciate it, if not thanks for trying to help anyway!

Edit: ubuntu 16.10, not sure if it was the best bet but hey im learning as im going should be fine

Glad to hear you've fixed the original issues.

As far as the Cloud II's go, I'm not too familiar with them, but it appears to be an issue with the control box. Ubuntu has some odd quirks about itself with some headsets. I'm looking around to see if others are having problems. So far, none that I can find... Which USB port are you plugging it into? Front USB or a port that's directly on the motherboard?

16.10 is fine, I usually go with the LTS (long term support) releases which is even year numbers (12, 14, 16) and April release. So, the current LTS is 16.04.

Again, sorry for the late reply, I'm in Europe and have been asleep/at school. I'm plugged into one of the back USB 3 ports ( not sure if I can reach the USB 2 ones due to cable management but I'll give it a try). Also, have any idea how I can set xset m 0/1 4 on startup? It resets to default accel every login.
Sorry for bombarding you with new questions every reply haha