Mouse pads!



I'm probably going to wander down to my local computer shop and pick up a mouse pad today, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?  I haven't used a mouse pad in a long time, but recently I expanded my keyboard tray using a piece of cheap shelving from Home Depot and it's obliterated the feet on my Lachesis.  It's a pain to slide and it gets caught up on the slightest little thing on my desk.  I've ordered new feet from Hyperglide and I'd rather not ruin them.


 I think I'm going to go pick up a Steelseries Qck cloth mousepad.  They're well reviewed and cheap!  But I figured I'd stick my head in here and see if anyone has anything to say.



Throw out any other suggestions - get the Xtrac Ripper XXL. I have one, and for $22, it is fantastic! Great quality material - my Logitech g600 glides on it. Also, it is 36" by 18"; you can cover most of your desk. I have both of my keyboards, mouse, and my Xbox controller on it with room to spare. It is so large that you ca cut it into multiple mousepads to last even longer. Fantastic quality for the price.

Haha wow that's huge!  I was going to get one for me and one for my girlfriend but at that price I could get one of those cut us each a 300mmx230mm piece and have lots extra!  Pretty well reviewed online as well.  Thanks for the suggestion!  The only downside is I can't walk out and buy one today as it doesn't look like anywhere near me carries them, but I think I'm willing to wait.

Just bought an Ozone Gaming Gear Level XT Mouse mat, loving it

I cant begin to describe how awesome my Razer Goliathus Extended (Speed Edition) is.Both my KB and mouse fit on it and the surface is smooth and very beautiful (subjective opinion). :)

I actually like the steelseries qck mousepad :P