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Mouse issues... Corsair RBG Harpoon

Hello, I bought myself a corsair mouse and keyboard for christmas 2019 and they have been excellent up until last week. The keyboard is faultless so far but the mouse (a Corsair Harpoon RBG) has been having some issues as of late.

If any one else has this mouse have you had similar problems since a recent firmware and or driver update?

So far the main issue is multiple clicks during a single click.

I have tried a few things to fix this so far…
-Re-installation of “Corsair iCUE” (w/ deletion of saved settings)
-Forcing updates on drivers and firmware
-Factory reset of all settings

Any insight or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Ten clicks on here registers as 17. so about 70% of the time it registers as a double click.

God for bid I double click on something out of habit lol :rofl:

Thats a dying button switch. If you can de-solder and solder stuff, you can save a lot of money by just buying switches instead of the whole mouse.

If you cant fix it yourself and is hellbent on fixing it on the cheap, you can try to go to cellphone repair shops and buy the switch yourself then pay for repair labor. They should be able to fix it within a reasonable price.

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Do you play a lot of MOBAs or RTS?

Sounds likely, no RTS’s recently but I’m a pro at spilling tea and coffee on my desk. Nothing comes to mind but it also wouldnt shock me. I was hoping it was a firmware update I installed some weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!!!

Had the same issue with a roccat mouse.
I tried to repair the switch, by doing this. The double click disappeared, but now when I rest my finger on the button it always clicks it.
Soo soon I will be buying either Logitech g502 or glorious model o. :smile:

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