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Mouse goes away



My mouse is constantly going away after a few seconds of no input. Exactly like it would when you fullscreen a video. But nothing seems to stop this behaviour. I tried fullscreen and un-fullscreen a video, I tried closing all applications, even a system restart doesn’t help. The issue is NOT present on Xubuntu’s login screen, but in user sessions - regardless of the window manager / desktop environment (i3, awesome and xfce all affected)

Can someone tell me what controls the mouse in regard of this behaviour? I assume there is some kind of X11 setting. Btw, I’d be totally fine to force the mouse cursor to be visible all the time if that’s the only option


What version of Xubuntu are you on? Maybe its some sort of related bug?


I use artful and I use it since it came out. But the issue appeared recently.

I forgot to mention that I don’t really use xfce anymore, I’m using i3 99% of the time