Mouse cord holder

Suggestions for any cord holders ? Max price 15€
( Please don't suggest to tape or smth, taped the cord and have to change the tape every month + the cord is rubbing on the mousepad which is a weird feeling. )

I have a multilevel desk and have run my cord through the handle of one of these and then clipped it to the desk, but have you tried twisting a paperclip around the cord where it attaches to your mouse to lift it an inch or so? That's a little ghetto, I know, but I'd try the free paperclip before I dropped money on something else.

Do it right. Use an actual mouse trap.

Velcro +

Ha. Now you've given me the idea of using one just as conversation starter. "Dude, is that an actual mouse trap on your desk?"

I'd say practically you'd have a tough time making that work but wheb I thin about it using a mouse trap for your mouse if f*cking brilliant.

I want to see this happen

Ask and ye shall receive.

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Oh damn.. But I don't think it'll be enough to share the cable on a 45x40 cm mousepad. + I have no monitor stand and I don't really wan't one.

I had never used one before I recently bought my Zowie ZA11 that came with one. At first I didn't see the point but after a while using it I'm not sure I can live without it.

The Zowie Camade probably is not cheap enough unless you are a eBay ninja and can snag one real cheap. The fact it came bundled with my mouse was a pleasant surprise.

This is what I got: